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We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. We’ve seen complaints about disc compatibility on LG’s new Blu-ray players, but we didn’t find them any worse than other players. Even our reference Oppo BDP-83 occasionally has a lockup. I have YET to find a disc the Panasonic blu-ray players won’t play, and we’ve got hundreds in the field. Also, I’m not sure how Panasonic would expect anyone to know the version of firmware that the player came installed with.

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Hopefully, there’s a way to bypass the problem and boot the device in some kind of factory reset mode. One effective problem-solver is VideoSolo Blu-ray Player. In addition, this Blu-ray player can take on the role of a video and DVD player, saving space for installing other media players on your computer.

  • The disadvantage of this is it negates the uniqueness of the cordless screwdriver, requiring you to find a plug.
  • The offset screwdriver has a handle set at right angles to the small blade, providing access to narrow spaces and giving extra torque.
  • I have around 100 BluRays in my video library and none had a play problem, This is the first I have encountered.

Whether you’re a pro or a frequent DIYer, an electric screwdriver can help get the job done with more efficiency. Compact and lightweight, an automatic screwdriver outputs just the right amount of torque to drive screws all day long and many models are designed with maximum portability in mind. Electric screwdrivers are tuned for general purpose of driving screws, which means less of a chance of overtightening or stripping screws. There are three main types of electric screwdrivers, each explained below. The Makita TD022DSE is one of the best cordless screwdrivers that you can purchase. It is high-quality and comes backed with one of the longest warranties in the industry.

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Some screwdriver tips are magnetic, so that the screw (unless non-magnetic) remains attached to the screwdriver without requiring external force. This is particularly useful in small screws, which are otherwise very difficult to attempt to handle. Many screwdriver designs have a handle with a detachable tip , called bits as with drill bits. This provides a set of one handle and several bits that can drive a variety of screw sizes and types. This cordless drill driver was purchased as part of a 4 piece set and has lasted for many years under hard use.

Kits come with electric screwdriver accessories like multiple bits and a carrying case. More advanced sets include add-on tools such as a manual screwdriver or cutting wheel. Electric screwdrivers, like most common power tools, come with various features intended to make your job easier and set them apart from other models.

These are cordless drills that have additional features of a variable speed trigger and a clutch built in. The variable speed allows the drill to operate at slower speeds and is often valuable when driving screws. Battery voltages range from 2.4 volts up to a heavy duty 7 Manualsdb.2 volts. A word of caution here; if your expected usage is to drive screws into wood, a 2.4 volt or even the more common 3.6 volt will not be satisfactory. Most 3.6 cordless screwdrivers will drive a small screw a short distance into wood, but that’s about all. This electric power screwdriver is compact, lightweight and pocket-friendly and you can easily carry it along during tasks. It also has a quiet operation which is great for users who desire less noise while working.

The chatroom says it may be a good idea to check for a firmware update on the Blu-ray player first. 3) Some BD players requre that a USB memory device is inserted in the EXT slot of the player prior to playing the movie. If you already are using one and run into a disc not playing, try removing the USB device and plugging it back in. I can play disk games just fine, so I know my x1x isn’t messed up. When I put a DVD or Blu-ray into it, though, it won’t play the movie at all.


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